Local City of Port Phillip families explain how walking to school sets them up for a great day.

Walk to school month is in October!

Primary schools across Port Phillip are encouraged to sign up and participate in VicHealth’s Walk to School campaign to help students build healthy habits for life. 

Walk to School, which runs throughout October, encourages primary students to walk, ride or scoot  to and from school, which also helps reduce traffic congestion and its impact on the environment.

Children unable to walk all the way to school could still participate in the event. Walking part way is still a great option for children to enjoy health benefits. Parents can park a few blocks away from school so their child can walk, ride or scoot the rest of the way. And for those who are able to join them, it’s a great opportunity to have a chat while being active. Council strongly supports Walk to School as it promotes the many travel choices available which fit within our vision for a connected and liveable City.

“Our school fundraiser in October 2015 raised just over $1,100 which will go towards Active Paths (safer routes to school).  We hope to combine this with funding from City of Port Phillip and if lucky, Bicycle Network, to put in 3 or 4 Active Paths. We will continue with our weekly Terrific Tuesday Hands up Counts.  Other than that, pretty soon we'll start serious planning for Ride2School day in 2016.  We are going for a retro theme - 70's - back to the way things were in the 70's. Otherwise we'll be working on increasing our travel rate (it was good in October) - we'd like to maintain these rates and trying to keep on top of the Ride2School ladder.”    - Andrea Eales (Albert Park Primary School)


Local schools are able to apply to Phillip Council for $200 rebate per term and a $2000 matched bike/scooter parking or Active Paths grant to encourage youngsters to regularly use active forms of transport. 

To chat about how you can get your school community walking and using Active Paths, contact Mel on 03 9209 6274 or email schooltravel@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Key achievements of 2015 Walk to School month campaign

  • A total of 2,420 students participated in 43,162 walks to schools over the month, representing a 134% and 201% increase compared to 2014 respectively
  • Succeeded in engaging and registering 4 more schools compared to 2014, with 7 out of 9 registered schools participating and reporting required data  
  • 47.1% participation rate throughout the month, representing an increase of 17.5% from 2014
  • 4 schools are committed to running ongoing weekly programs (such as walking school groups, Active Paths for safer routes to school, and golden boot awards), 3 of which are committed to weekly counts.

Walk to School is a VicHealth initiative. For more information visit walktoschool.vic.gov.au